JayWood – Thank You [Music Video]

Today the Winnipeg musician JayWood dropped the music video for Thank You.
The third single is taken from Slingshot which comes out on July 15, 2022 via Captured Tracks (USA) and Royal Mountain Records (Canada).
A cool upbeat alternative pop tune.

About the track:
The song brings JayWood’s sound full circle, offering something reminiscent of Haywood-Smith’s earliest recordings while flaunting that “the best is yet to come.” “‘Thank You’ is a song that’s dedicated to the folks that aren’t really in my life anymore, but more importantly it’s for my mom who passed away back in 2019.” says Haywood-Smith.

“I feel like this song kinda wrote itself, it felt so easy to put together because I knew the core of what I was trying to get across. The demo for this song felt super strong but after Jake and I spent some time expanding a few ideas, the song really blossomed into something I couldn’t ever imagine.”

Thank You gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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