Jazzfest on Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day besides being all starstruck seeing a famous singer (another post).
I went to the Ottawa Jazz Festival which was a free show on Canada Day.
This was my second best event at the Jazz Festival the first being Al Green.
Coeur de Pirate @ Ottawa Jazz Festival
I got to see Coeur de Pirate and she played at the OLG Stage.
It was so packed and second time seeing her.
You can tell she has big loyal following.
She finally had a full band this time and she was absolutely brilliant with the set.
I missed out the last song which she usually does a english song and I was told she did her version of Umbrella.
I hope she makes it for the Polaris Music Prize Short List.
Michael Kaeshammer @ Ottawa Jazz Festival
Michael Kaeshammer which I got to see abit.
He was wow this time.
Last time I saw him was at a CBC Radio taping.
This time he sounded fun with his boogie woogie piano playing music.
Bell Orchestre @ Ottawa Jazz Festival
Then later on I went to the Main Stage and saw Bell Orchestre for the second time.
Absolutely amazing set.
As mentioned before from their show at the First Baptist Church.
Reminds me of Arcade Fire but with no singing.
I hope they make it for the Polaris Music Prize Short List.
Such a great album.
Bell Orchestre @ Ottawa Jazz Festival

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