J’envoie – La vitesse des chats sauvages (Review)

J’envoie translation in English means “I Send”.
J’envoie is a band whose name popped up around 2008/2009 for various shows in the Ottawa music scene.
If I am correct the band is from Gatineau (formally Hull)?.

Never got a chance to see them live yet.
But lo and behold, I wasn’t aware that J’envoie are Olivier Fairfield, Phillipe Charbonneau, Pierre-Luc Clément & Patrick Sénécal.
Here comes the who is connected to who in this one. For those that don’t know, Olivier Fairfield and Phillipe Charbonneau are in the band Ferriswheel. While some members of Ferriswheel are in that band, this band and that band. Its endless!
Anyways, La Vitesse des Chat Sauvages was dropped on February 14, 2010.
Its a five track indie instrumental experimental post-rock EP.
Felt like listening to a film score for some horror film or a post-apocalyptic sci-fi future film.
Its mixed with dark chaotic drumming/guitar sound with dreamy keyboard sound.
Surprise with this EP, usually tracks would be like around the 2-3 minute mark.
But this one is around the 5 minute.
The tracks are very epic.
One of the interesting stuff I have encountered this year.
Best tracks:

  • Caserne centrale
  • La Fonctionnaire
  • Rudesse
  • Gaetan Hart
  • Arena

Check out their label E-Tron Records.
Get La vitesse des chats sauvages online or your local record shop since they only made 550 copies on vinyl.
If I rate this, it would be a 7.8/10.
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