Jessy Lanza – All The Time [Streaming]

Third album by Jessy Lanza called All The Time out on Hyperdub.
Great electro-dance beat down dance music.

About All The Time:
All the Time delves into Jessy’s methods of combating such difficult realizations with bubbly pop music, such as the deceptively upbeat “Lick in Heaven”. “Anger is a familiar and safe feeling for me,” says Jessy. “The album became a conversation with myself about why that is.”

Although written in 2019, All the Time also resonates with Jessy’’s 2020 experience: Her European tour was cut short due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and she had to move back to New York with an ending apartment lease and nowhere to go to quarantine. She packed up her van and drove across the country to San Francisco, in order to be closer to family.

“Even though All the Time was written in 2019 the themes feel even more relevant now,” Jessy says. “Like a lot of people, I’m still struggling with the reality that life is hard to predict and it’s even harder not to make the same mistakes over again, trying to control what I’m able to and leave the rest.”

All the Time gets:

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