Jharis Yokley – Move On [Listen]

Jharis Yokley is a producer/vocalist/drummer from New York City and recently he dropped the track called Move On.
The leading single is taken from his upcoming debut album called Sometimes, Late at Night which comes out on May 3, 2024 via Rainbow Blonde Records.
A moody experimental electro-drum hip-hop/R&B tune.

About the track by Jharis:
Building on his considerable online success as “your favorite drummer’s favorite drummer,” Yokley arrives as a leader of new wave & experimental electronic R&B.
Think James Blake meets Tame Impala meets Thundercat meets the singular greatest drummer you’ve heard yet.
Sinuous synths (BIGYUKI) + monstrous drums + meditative vocals = happy face.

Move On get: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.