Jim Bryson’s 15th Annual Blacksheep Inn Holiday Show

Wow! 15 years and still going on for the annual Jim Bryson Christmas Holiday show at the Blacksheep Inn
Jim Bryson @ The Blacksheep Inn
I was very happy to attend this show and this being my third time if I remember correctly.
Literally this was the first time I actually danced up front since there was a few people who just danced near the stage.
Jim didn’t really mind and it was great to dance!
Jim Bryson @ The Blacksheep Inn
The show started off with Sydney, Australia’s Caitlin Harnett.
Very intimate folky roots music.
Caitlin Harnett @ The Blacksheep Inn
With all the dancing which I endured, this was one of the best holiday shows he has put on!
Jim didn’t sing alot of Christmas tune but it didn’t really matter with his amazing songs and banter 😛
Dave Draves did a great cover Elton John’s Rocket Man.
Jim Bryson @ The Blacksheep Inn
Absolutely an amazing show!
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