Jon Creeden, Robots!Everywhere!! and Rich Chris @ Mugshots [January 20, 2015]

Ottawa Showbox presented a great show for a Tuesday night at Mugshots.
Acoustic folk punk solo male musicians playing.
Jon Creeden was the headliner of the show.
Started off the show by taking of his pants and played in his boxers.
The stage was hot is what Jon said.
He played his own set of acoustic punk music.
Previewed some new materials and played some covers.
Jon Creeden @ Mugshots
Robots!Everywhere!! was second to play.
It was a strip down acoustic set.
Just Phil with his guitar.
Sang about friends and other fun things.
Favorite part was him singing about breaking the law due to the recent ban of tobogganing.
Robots!Everywhere!! @ Mugshots
Rich Chris was first to play.
He played an acoustic punk set.
Sort of reminds me of Robots! but with the harshness of the vocals.
Rich Chris @ Mugshots
Overall it was a pretty fun Tuesday night.
Click below for more photos.
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