Jonathan Pearce and Giant Hand @ Pressed

Packed and hot sweaty show at Pressed with Jonathan Pearce and Giant Hand on June 1, 2019.
It was the debut album release show for Jonathan Pearce of Winchester Warm‘s solo LP called Systems.
Starting off the show was Giant Hand.
The Ottawa ex-pat living Toronto hadn’t been performing in quite some time.
Nice homecoming show from Kirk who was accompanied by Rolf Klausener of The Acorn, performing tracks from 2017’s Old Cosmos and previewed two new songs.
Intimate and very sad at times but it was great to know he is still performing! 8/10.
Then it was Jonathan Pearce’s turn.
Wasn’t expecting a big band show, thought it was just a solo performance by Jon himself.
He was accompanied by Brodie Conley of Future States, Katie Hurdon, Matt Godin of Winchester Warm, Kristy Nease of Ginny, Pat Johnson from The Steve Adamyk Band and others.
What sets apart from Jonathan’s solo show compared to Winchester Warm’s show.
Is that Jonathan had about six to seven members compared to Winchester Warm which has about three to four members.
Anyways both sound the same in my opinion.
Still a nice Saturday to hear tracks from Systems. 8/10.

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