JOOJ @ The Garrison [NXNE 2015]

JOOJ @ The Garrison [NXNE 2015]
JOOJ is the Toronto-based band featuring Sook-Yin Lee of CBC’s DNTO and Adam Litovitz.
Couldn’t help but wanting to check out their NXNE performance at the Garrison.
Before they went I had to say something quick to Sook-Yin, while being so nervous and trying not to cry in front of her.
Had to say how she is an amazing person and artist and I grew up watching her on Much Music (When they used to play music videos).
JOOJ @ The Garrison [NXNE 2015]
JOOJ if you aren’t familiar, their music is far more experimental and Expressionistic Minimalism.
It was something I wouldn’t never see at a festival like this but I was really happy to see it.
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