Joshua Van Tassel – Smiles Displaced [Music Video]

Today the Nova Scotia-based musician Joshua Van Tassel dropped the AI music video for Smiles Displaced.
The leading single which is taken from the forthcoming LP called The Recently Beautiful out on November 17, 2023 via Backward Music.
A short and beautiful modern classical tune to feel

About the track by Joshua:
““Smiles Displaced” is a piece written in reverence of the part of our minds that, after an extremely long/hard day, allows us to extract and replay sometimes only the best parts of it.
We can focus on these displaced feelings and use them to help us continue onto the next day’s challenges with the hope that maybe tomorrow will bring more of those good memories rather than bad.”

The video was created along with Graeme Cornies using various AI Tools.
Speaking on the process Cornies explains, “We ended up with something that feels, to me, like abstract, found-footage of an otherworldly experience, like video postcards from a half-remembered dream. It was gratifying to arrive at something visually akin to the music, something Joshua, various AI and I found together.

Two human minds, augmented by powerful AI, sifting through the hive-mind of our visual culture, co-creating together, curated and re-assembled by human minds – a powerful process I’m sure we’ll all be seeing more of.”

Smiles Displaced gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷