Julie Fader, The Love Machine and Library Voices @ LiVE Lounge

On October 30th I finally went to a “LiVE Lounge” show.
Playing at the show were:
Julie Fader

Here is a quick interview I did with her.

The Love Machine

Here is a interview with Jordan and Sean of Love Machine

Library Voices

I didn’t get time to see In-Flight Safety because of the timing.

Things were abit delayed because of the setting up the stage.
The band Library Voices had eight members and that is a big band. There were alot of instruments needed to be set up on stage.

The first performer was Julie Fader.
Very excited to see Julie play because she released her first solo album called Outside In.
If you don’t know she has been playing with bands like Great Lake Swimmer and with Chad VanGaalen.
Now it was her turn to shine the spotlight on herself.
Really enjoyed her music which was very indie folk acoustic pop.
An intimate set.
Apparently Ottawa was the final stop for the tour.
At the end she sang Skin and Bones with In-Flight Safety. That was a great set to see.

Next was Ottawa’s The Love Machine.
They were always fun to see live.
Apparently more people came to see them play and were near the stage.
Very entertaining set.
They sang a new song in which they mentioned about making a music video.

Finally I got to see Library Voices play.
I was amazed with that band having eight members and fitting onto that small stage.
It was a fun and crazy set.

I was very glad.
They sang new and old songs.
Eager for when their new album will be released.
So crazy that the last song that some members went out the stage and did some drumming.

I took the setlist and here is what they sang.

  • Drinking Games
  • Family Night
  • Bookish
  • 2012
  • Love In Age
  • Haunt House
  • Kundera on the Dance Floor
  • Insider Trading
  • Things We Stole on Vonnegut’s Grave
  • Map
  • Neil

It was a great night for Julie Fader and Library Voices to end off their tour.

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