JUNOfest @ Babylon Nightclub [March 30, 2012]

Juno Awards fever has been hitting all this week.
With that various venues in Ottawa was holding events showcasing the talents local, regional and national acts that Canada has to offer.
JUNOfest was presented by SiriusXM Canada & SpectraSonic.
I think the most talked and hot show on the first night of JUNOfest has to be at Babylon Nightclub.
It was a long return for a band from Toronto who hasn’t played in Ottawa since their release of two albums and winning the Polaris Music Prize.
Playing at the show was:
F**ked Up
Fucked Up @ JUNOfest
Hollerado @ JUNOfest
Pregnancy Scares
Pregnancy Scares @ JUNOfest
Party Knives
Party Knives @ JUNOfest

The first set started of with Ottawa’s Party Knives.
The band consist of current/ex members of M$M, Token, The Acorn (Drummer of that band), Big Dick and Van Johnson.
I  finally caught their set.
It was pretty loud, chaotic and wild.
Funny to see the lead singer wearing “Angel wings”.
A friend who was at the show was “I can’t hear a thing” after they ended.
very interesting.
Party Knives @ JUNOfest
Next was Pregnancy Scares.
It was another loud and chaotic punk set.
But it was louder and angrier.
Ended off with the throwing of the guitars.
At least I didn’t get kicked in the groin. 😛
Pregnancy Scares @ JUNOfest
Next was Hollerado.
It’s been a long time for them to play a indoor venue and at a 19+ show.
Usually they would be playing outdoor shows in Ottawa.
After winning the Big Money Shot a few years, they have been doing well for themselves.
The band played some new material for an upcoming album.
Of course they played stuff from “Records In A Bag”.
There was the confetti and streamers.
This was the first Hollerado show that there was people moshing and crowd surfing.
It was a pretty insane set!
Hollerado @ JUNOfest
Lastly it was Fucked Up’s turn.
Man it was insane.
Lucky I didn’t stand near the stage.
Once they began people started moshing, it was utter insanity.
They started off with “Queen of Hearts”. Man I love that song and I sang it out loud.
Things got crazier and sweaty hot.
When “The Other Shoe” played, Damian got off the stage and walked around the place.
Another song I like they played called “I hate summer”.
It was completely insanity and people were like touching and stuff.
After the show ended, I got to chat with Damian and he such a nice guy.
I was a little giddy and starstruck just talking to him. (Yes I know musicians are normal people)
Fucked Up @ JUNOfest
One of the best shows this year that Ottawa had to offer during the Juno Awards.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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