Keith Mosfet – Lakeshore Bus [Music Video]

Today, Toronto musician Keith Mosfet dropped the single and music video for Lakeshore Bus via Blow Torch Records.
The track has that Born Ruffians influence sound and vibe to its indie alternative rock music.

About the song:
Public transport can be a wonderful place when you look around, and let people in, even for a second.
“Lakeshore Bus” highlights the small moments shared between two people.
At the time of writing, Keith was taking the bus often in Toronto, although the video was filmed in Amsterdam following his move.
Keith wanted to voice the quiet interactions between strangers, the intricacies and subtle emotions within an exchange of glances, from both a man’s perspective and a woman’s perspective.

He wasn’t meaning it in a romantic way.
Just sometimes you notice someone, and they notice you – you have this time together and you think of them afterwards.
“Lakeshore Bus” is about the human side of a chaotic world. Life is complex, but sometimes the most beautiful memories are simple.

Lakeshore Bus gets:

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