Kelp Records 20 Years, 20 Songs

Celebration time for Ottawa’s small DIY indie label!!

Kelp Records is celebrating their 20th anniversary this weekend.
With a pre-game show at Avalon Studio this Friday and the big show at St. Albans Church this Saturday.

With that, I have decided to make my Top 20 list of songs from Kelp’s roster.
From The Acorn to Jim Bryson to whatever.
This is my list and does not reflect the opinions of Kelp records.
NOTE: I won’t add any tracks from The Acorn’s Tin Fist, Glory Hope Mountain and No Ghost because they are on Paperbag Records.
Check out my Top 20 Songs!

  1. The Acorn – Plates & Saucers
  2. Jim Bryson – Wishes Pile Up
  3. Andrew Vincent – D.I.A.N.E.

  4. Hilotrons – Venues at Your Back Door
  5. The Acorn – Darcy

  6. Adam & The Amethysts – Dreaming
  7. Measha Brueggergosman – Misty feat. Martin Short
  8. Camp Radio – Murder on My Skin
  9. The Flaps – The Importance of Understanding Clouds
  10. Chris Page – Hello, Danger Bay
  11. New Country Rehab – Home to You
  12. Hilotrons – Emergency Street
  13. Andy Swan – Can I Pay You With Sunshine?
  14. Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans – Metal Girl
  15. Andrew Vincent – Home Tonight
  16. Camp Radio – Turn Up The Radio
  17. Rhume – The Boisterous Reunion
  18. Flecton Big Sky – Summer Down Flames
  19. Recoilers – Beachfront Resort Vacation
  20. Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans – Constellation

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