Kinetic Stereokids – Kid Moves (Review)

Finally gotten around listening to this album and I know this will be a short review.
Its by Michigan band Kinetic Stereokids.
Have to thank either Chris Risdon or Aaron Thomas Smith for introducing me to this band.
Their music is a blend of indie lo-fi experimental alternative hip-hop.
Its one of those album that is going to be unnoticed for 2009.
I want people to check out their music.
They have interesting song titles like Convalescent Feelings, Planes with Teeth and Blunder.
I actually love this album, certain parts were acoustic in “Have A Nice Day” and certain parts had great sampling electronic beats in “Postmortem Blues” and “Planes With Teeth”.
Its going to be one of my favorite albums of 2009.

Favorite tracks:

  • Have A Nice Day
  • Planes With Teeth
  • Assisted Living
  • Cancer
  • Blunder
  • Postmortem Blues
  • Twisted Thoughts
  • Drugs Is A Drag
  • Strategic Maneuvers

Music video for Have A Nice Day

Music video for Twisted Thoughts


  1. Amar

    The music is good and having childish activities as the name is showing, nice work…………..

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