Kristian North – Fantasy [Music Video]

Today, Montreal’s Kristian North dropped the single and music video for Fantasy.
The track is taken from the upcoming album Passion Play which comes out on April 30, 2021 via Mothland.
Fantasy is a fun 80s-influenced/disco dance pop tune.

About the track:
Speaking about “Fantasy”, which he wrote shortly after watching Demy’s Peau D’âne, North says: “I was kind of humming the chorus in my head and then I watched Donkey Skin and it all clicked. There’s something to be said about reality there but mostly it’s just candy, melodrama, fairy tales. We did very little in the way of second takes. Abigail was basically running out the door, that’s why it sounds so cool. The song has some nods to George Michael, who I listened to religiously for a couple of years.”

Explaining the making of the accompanying visual, director Phil Osborne says: “Kristian brought up the idea of capturing the times we are in. With the curfew in mind, we cooked up a little dystopian sci-fi style intro, a bit of dark humor which quickly transitions to a one-man disco party.”

Fantasy gets:

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