Kyle Edward Connolly – On Arrival [Streaming]

Toronto musician Kyle Edward Connolly of Wish and Orville Peck released his debut solo album On Arrival via Hand Drawn Dracula.
Wonderful blend of indie folk country rock music.

About the album:
With tinges of Chris Cohen, Neil Young, and Gram Parsons/The Flying Burrito Brothers, Kyle has developed his own unique indie country rock style heard throughout On Arrival. He enlisted friends from TOPS, Darlene Shrugg, Milk Lines, and The Highest Order to join him. Kyle recorded and finished the LP around a busy touring schedule with Orville Peck, with some help on the production from long time bandmate/friend, Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Tallies, Partner).

Speaking in the making of the record Kyle says, “On Arrival is a spontaneous album trying to capture a feeling and moment in time. Recorded from the comforts of home in Toronto, periodically over the course of a year, using outdated and at best semi-functional recording equipment. Friends stopping by now and then, inevitably, would also participate even if it was just to capture a fleeting glimpse of an idea.

It’s an album that was also recorded in the middle of a years long tour (see Orville Peck). A rare few days off were spent in pre winter Berlin, getting down on tape what musical ideas I could with the help of some friends from Tel-Aviv. Sessions flew by through a cloudy haze with linguistic barriers and late night jazz.
After some time I collected the tapes off the shelf, brought them back to Toronto and sorted through the tracks. Finally finished off and mixed with long time friend and collaborator Josh Korody at Candle Recordings.
A quick collection of songs, On Arrival. This for now, more to come.”

On Arrival gets:

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