Kylie Minogue’s 1994 Album Will Be On Vinyl. Out February 12, 2016

Do you have a guilty pleasure liking Kylie Minogue?
News just came out that her self-titled album will be available on double vinyl edition via Be With Records which will drop on February 12, 2016.
Only 500 will be available worldwide.
Originally released in 1994, Kylie Minogue represents the fun 90s pop acts had in absorbing an increasingly diverse range of influences from house and ambient to Balearic and R&B.
Finding a original copy on vinyl will get you £150 which is around $300 Canadian.
The first time I caught wind of her music was this song.

It would be amazing to hear this on vinyl.
Tame Impala: “I’ve got a whole album waiting for Kylie Minogue…I have, like, seven songs ready.”
So if you don’t want to hear Kylie’s version, check out their version.

Be With Records is a UK London-based reissue record label, specialising in releasing output that is currently unavailable on vinyl or never even received a vinyl release. They openly ask fellow vinyl lovers to suggest records that they would like to see reissued and, if they like the idea of them, they will add them to the list.

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