Lab Coast, Slow Dawn and Trails @ Dominion Tavern

As part of Debaser‘s Spring Thing on Friday night.
Next door from Zaphod Beeblebrox at the Dominion Tavern, performing there was Lab Coast, Slow Dawn and Trails.
Lab Coast @ Dominion Tavern
Enjoyed Calgary’s Lab Coast with their catchy guitar pop-rock music.
Didn’t stay too long but was glad to see them perform!
Slow Dawn @ Dominion Tavern
Second act to perform was Ottawa’s Slow Dawn with their s**tgaze (Yes! Apparently that is a genre) music.
Trails @ Dominion Tavern
Starting off the show was Ottawa’s Trails.
While I thought it was unusual for her to perform at that venue.
At least she got some indie cred to play at the dirty Dom.
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