Lana Del Rey – Born to Die [Streaming]

The wait is over come January 31, 2012.
That is when Lana Del Rey drops the long awaited debut album “Born To Die”.
With all the hype and big lips (no pun intended) talking about the legitimacy of her music.
Born To Die is 15 tracks which will get people talking.

With all the hype surrounding, it is a decent album but not “groundbreaking” as I was expecting.
Listening to the whole album, you can tell she is more of a studio artist than live artist.
Hence if you have seen her SNL performance a few weeks ago.
But I guess that is her schtick, if you watch this performance she did at a German TV show.

The album is a mix-match of the whole 1960s cinematic pop sound in Born To Die, Video Games and Lucky Ones.
To a hip-hop sound in Diet Mountain Dew, National Anthem and Off to the Races.
I still consider Blue Jeans to be my favorite song of hers.
Her music is not as offensive as some other famous female musicians.

Best tracks:

Judge on the music, not the hype.
Born To Die gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.