Land of Talk – Performances [Streaming]

Today, the Montreal-based act Land of Talk dropped the fifth album called Performances via Saddle Creek and Land of Talk.
A more maturing and intimate moody alternative album.

About the album by Liz:
Performances feels like a total reinvention: an unflinching statement from an artist who’s not afraid to say how they feel.
Though it trades muscular guitar rock for understated piano, it’s still the most urgent, cathartic, and personal release of their career so far. “It’s the weirdest, mightiest little record I’ve made since I used to write music on my four-track when I was 14,” says Powell.
“I needed to make a love letter to my teenage self by being more vulnerable and doing all the production myself.”
Here, they doggedly value their own intuition over anything else to make their most rewarding album yet.

Performances is a defiant and resonant blow against expectations and outside pressure.
It’s an LP showcasing an artist without constraints and allowing themself to be radically honest.

“The album title is very literal,” says Powell. “I’m performing what’s in my brain but I’m tired of performing femininity for the music industry, femininity in my life, respectability, and vulnerability.

I’m trying to grow out of these and break out of these roles in my life.”

Powell’s fearlessness as a songwriter has already led to Land of Talk boasting an unmistakably essential discography but with this album, they find the perfect opportunity to give themself the grace to truly double down on their own vital sensibilities.
They usher the songs every step of the way from demoing to producing, imbuing each track with immense care and unfiltered feeling.

Performances gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.