Laurent Bourque and Right By Midnight at Major’s Hill Park

It was such a nice day on May 20th in Ottawa.
So nice that I headed up to the Tulip Festival for the free show with:

The first band was Right By Midnight.
They played a great set.
Sang tracks from their debut album which has been reviewed.
Along The Way

The second act was Laurent Bourque.
He was backed up by two members of Old Crowns and Jamie Kronick was the drummer.
It was a great lively rocking set.
He will be back for Bluesfest.
Here is what he sang.

  • Living In A Movie
  • [audio:]
  • All You Beautiful Girls
  • [audio:]
  • Fall In and Out
  • Always Alright
  • Starry Eyed
  • Calm Down
  • When Nothing Ever Comes Out Right

Didn’t stay long for the other two acts due to heading off to another show.
Rest of the photos:

From Stephanie.
Laurent Bourque played a lovely free show at the Tulip Festival yesterday. I was excited to see him play with a full band since I’ve only seen him do acoustic sessions.
He played the songs listed up in this entry.
Two of the songs he played, “Starry Eyed” and “When Nothing Ever Comes Out Right” are new – great to hear that he’s coming out with a new album in the fall. During the end of one of the songs, some people from Old Crowns and Amos the Transparent came on stage to belt it out which I thought was entertaining. It was a great show although I wish it could have lasted a bit longer. The next time Laurent plays Ottawa will be at Bluesfest so don’t forget to check him out in July!

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  1. whitney

    hey bud, nice pics from yesterday, and in general. We’re playing at Ritual tonight if you’re not up to anything. Opening for SHUTTLE (of passion pit) @ 11ish. Hope you see you!

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