Leeny Jones – Burn Out – EP [Streaming]

Today the Ottawa/Gatineau musician Leeny Jones dropped the EP called Burn Out.
A nice EP filled with singer/songwriter of indie folk-rock and alt-country music.

About the EP by Colleen:
Leeny Jones’s debut EP is a collection of songs that are all circumstance and no pomp.

On the four high fidelity, recorded-in-stereo tracks, Jones looks back on good times gone by, looks forward apprehensively at times to come, and considers a premeditated murder under stormy skies.

Musically, Jones ranges from spaghetti western to sandals and sunshine, and from 80s sine waves to early-aughts heartache, as seen through a View-Master pulled out of your parents’ attic.

Burn Out gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.