Le Ren & Buck Meek – Early Morning Rain [Listen]

Today, Montreal-based musician Lauren Spear who goes by Le Ren released a beautiful cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s Early Morning Rain.
The track features Buck Meek of Big Thief making this one of the best duets of 2021.

About the track:
On the track, their voices coalesce with an understated sweetness as they describe the loneliness and sadness of being far from home. Opting for a subtler, tranquil rework, the track lulls with gentle acoustic guitar and captures a timeless folk sound.

Spear notes: “To me, this song encapsulates missing someone. As many people are separated right now, it felt like the right moment to cover it. Buck and I recorded it in two different countries across time and space so in turn, the production reflects the song itself.”

Early Morning Rain gets:

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