Lido Pimienta, JFM, Mas Aya and H. de Heutz @ Mugshots [August 9, 2014]

It was a nice Saturday evening at Mugshots.
Debaser and Weird Canada presented a special edition of Fryquency.
It was a farewell to host Rocky Lalune since she is moving to Montreal in September.
With that, it was a great to see these four acts.
LIdo Pimienta @ Mugshots
Lido Pimienta was the headliner of the night.
She got the audience dancing to her blend of world dance music.
She even previewed a new song which she collaborated with A Tribe Called Red.
JFM @ Mugshots
JFM was the third act.
Pretty enjoyed his set which as just him pressing buttons of his electronica music.
The audience was dancing to his music and it wasn’t until the end that there was some people who got on the stage and danced.
Mas Aya @ Mugshots
Mas Aya was the second act.
His set was unbelievable with his world electro-dance music.
Lido joined him and sang some songs.
H. de Huetz @ Mugshots
H. de Heutz was the first act.
Seen them various times and they never disappoint with their experimental rock music.
This being a farewell show for Rocky Lalune.
It was a perfect evening to top off all the great shows and emerging talent that she has bought to Ottawa.
Don’t worry there will someone taking over Fryquency.
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