Line up change for Immaculate Machine

Immaculate Machine @ Endhits
Luke Kozlowski (ex-Drummer of Immaculate Machine)

I was shocked and sad to read this news from CBC Radio 3 and Wikipedia.
Immaculate Machine being one of my favorite bands.
Read that they went from a three-piece to a five-piece.
Also Luke Kozlowski the drummer left the band.

He was the fun and funny one of the bunch.
The second time they played Ottawa, it was a fun time.
They opened up for Ladyhawk (The Vancouver band not to be confused with the other one that has an “e” at the end).
I just happened to rock out with him and it was amazing hanging with them.

They are nice people.
Just going to miss the magic that they were as a three-piece band.

But I can’t wait for their new album and when they play Ottawa on May 2nd.

Here is a photo of Luke for those curious. I know its not a good photo of him.

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