Little Girls – Concepts (Review)

Hearing some buzz with this band from Toronto called Little Girls.
This band consist of two members:
Josh McIntyre and Anthony Gerace.
Their full-length debut on Paper Bag Records won’t be out until October 13th and I got sneak peek on what they sound like.
Their music is instrumental minimalist/post-punk and abit of new wave.
They remind me of the band Women (who I adore) but more of the noise, distortion and less vocals.
I like the synth beats to Youth Tunes, Concepts and Thrills.
Some parts in the album does have the dark eerie creepy sound.
While some parts has that late 80s-early 90s nostalgic guitar riffing sound.
Overall its a totally different unique sound for those that love post-punk music.
Go on a whim and say this album has a conceptual story of the bustling city of Toronto.
All eleven tracks range around the 2-3 minute mark.
Favorite tracks:

  • Youth Tunes
  • Tambourine
  • Concepts
  • Imaginary Friends
  • Thrills
  • Departure
  • Last Call
  • Growing

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