Little Girls – Cults [EP Review]

Haven’t heard from Toronto’s Little Girls since 2009’s Concept.
Having jumped ship from Paper Bag Records to Hand Drawn Dracula.
I think they are totally suited and have more creative freedom with Hand Drawn Dracula.

At first I thought it was a new album but technically it is a EP.
Josh sure has upped the production level in Cults but still maintaining that fuzzy distortion vocals and the post-punk new wave style.
There is a guitars and keyboards driven EP.
The big surprise on the EP is Daydream which has that upbeat dreamy sound.
While Nights Out has abit of that New Order inspired 80s sounds.
This being a EP I really wanted more materials from Little Girls.
Maybe this is a sneak peak of what to expect on their sophomore album.

Best Tracks:

  • White Night
  • Ex
  • Daydream
  • Nights Out

I’d give Cults 8/10.
This is not from the EP but you can download their cover of John Maus’s Believer.

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