Live Action Fezz – Free Minutes [Listen/Download]

Free Minutes Cover Art
Live Action Fezz is the brainchild of Fez Stenton who plays in the band Green Go.
While the status of Green Go seems to be uncertain at the moment.
With Jessica with her other project called Rouge.
I guess Fez is doing his own thing at the moment with Live Action Fezz.

Today he dropped a free single which you can get on Bandcamp, literally called “Free Minutes”.

Free Minutes is taken from the upcoming debut album “Makes Music” which drops June 2, 2011 (?).
It’s five minutes of indie disco-y electro-dance tune.
Fezz coming from Guelph, I wasn’t expecting it to sound very European!!
At least its a great five minute track to dance around to.
Have a listen to Free Minutes.

Here is the video.

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