Long Long Long [Album Review]

What a cute photo. You can get their album for free on their Bandcamp website but clicking this photo.

Long Long Long is a track on the White album by The Beatles.
Now it is a Halifax band that takes the name.
Not sure if they got it from that song?
Anyways this band will be joining Braids on January 21st in Ottawa (Facebook Event).

The album was released on May 20, 2010.
Its ten tracks of really catchy indie experimental alterna-pop music.
Somewhat similar to bands like Women, Cousins, Play Guitar and Duzheknew.
Reading the lyrics on their Bandcamp site, its very great story telling about hometown life.
Lots of guitar distortions and drumming which makes it sound very lo-fi.
Impress that the album is catchy to listen.
Since the track range around the 2-3 minute mark.
You should check out this album
Best tracks:

  • Drugstore (4.A.M.)
  • Goose is Dead, Maverick. Goose is Dead.
  • Judy Chicago
  • Tell Me it Isn’t Your Blood
  • David, Burninggg Down the Haus
  • Money Feel Like Money
  • Joseph Just Walked By

I’d give this album an 8.8/10
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