Look! Bluesfest 2014 Lineup Is Revealed!

Today is the day that Ottawa’s Bluesfest who is celebrating their 20th anniversary has announced their line-up.
So are you excited?

Since everyone is talking about it, I am going to make a post/feedback about Bluesfest.
Ottawa’s biggest music festival which runs for 10 days.
Everyone is all going ape crazy about this year’s line-up.
The big ones are Lady Gaga (Sorry Artpop is not your best album and probably everyone is getting sick of your antics), Blake Shelton, The Killers, Journey, St.Vincent and many more.
As this festival gets bigger and bigger, it gets stricter and stricter for bloggers unless you get special privilege for a newspaper (Like if people still reads the paper?) on getting a media/photo pass.
Also ticket prices gets expensive every year and people (mostly Bluesfest staff) are getting meaner and meaner.
If I decide to go I will be only enjoying this festival and drinking some Palm Bay and over priced food.
Don’t forget to check out the Ottawa acts playing, so go out and support them!
There are better music festivals to check out.

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