Loon Choir – Expansion Forces (Review)

Review of Expansion Forces from Ottawa’s Loon Choir.

Loon Choir is a unique Ottawa band.
They consist of six members who are:

  • Brad Sheffield
  • Dan Larmour
  • Derek Atkinson
  • Jamie LeClair
  • Khary Byron
  • Nicole Yates

I’ve seen them live various times.
They finally released their debut album called “Expansion Forces”.
Kind of weird that iTunes classified them as electronic.
Anyways their music is indie pop rock with some 80s throwback synth sound.
They got James Bunton of Ohbijou to produce “Expansion Forces”.
It does has abit of that James Bunton/Ohbijou touch but in Loon Choir’s own style.
I was very surprised with the album, considering with their shows they are indie rock.
It is a change on the album and probably want to be versatile with their sound.
All nine tracks are great to listen to.
Go and grab this album.

Best tracks:

  • Massive Strike
  • Bricks
  • New Forewarnings
  • Woodlands
  • Soil Science
  • Vis a Vis
  • Summerland

If I rate this, it would be 8.5/10.
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