Loon Choir, Slack Bridges and Fire Antlers @ Blacksheep Inn [March 25, 2016]

Ming Break! Sign
Definitely was a special night at the Blacksheep Inn.
It was a show in celebrating for me since I am a supporter of the music scene.
There were people who actually dressed up in their summer beach clothing.
Surprising that the Palm Bays was sold out too!
Performing at the show was Loon Choir, Slack Bridges and Fire Antlers.

Loon Choir @ The Blacksheep Inn
Headlining and ending Ming Break! was Loon Choir. Performing a fun show with their pop rock music. Playing a mix from their three albums.
Slack Bridges @ The Blacksheep Inn
Second band was Slack Bridges. This was their second live show so far. They are fairly a new band and they got everyone on the dancefloor moving and shaking to their groovy R&B soul music. A band that you definitely need to see live.
Fire Antlers @ The Blacksheep Inn
Starting off the show was electro-pop act Fire Antlers.

Overall it was a wonderful fun event!
Let’s hope to do it again next year!
Thank you to the Blacksheep, bands and the people who came out to this!!
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