Mac DeMarco – Salad Days [Review]

Don’t you want summer to come very soon?
The long awaited second album by Mac DeMarco has come out on April 1st (No it’s not a April Fool’s Joke).
With all the crazy antics of his live shows, hopefully the music is what should be in focus.
Mac has stated his music as “jizz jazz” (Whatever that means).
Salad Days is 11 tracks of mellow guitar pop-rock music.
Here are two quotes from people I asked on Facebook.
Lïm Fårfel says that listening to the album makes me feel like summer is here.
Evey Hornbeck of Mixtape Magazine loves it.

Which I totally agree since it has that summery lazy feel.
Just makes want to sit on the porch and soak in the sun while drinking something and listening to Salad Days.
I feel something is missing, mostly from the upbeatness from 2 with songs like Freaking Out The Neighbors and Annie.
The closest we have to that is the leading single Passing Out The Pieces and Let Her Go.
While it shows that Mac is maturing with his lyrics.
Still can’t believe he is 23 (24 on April 20th) and having the time of his life with the music he is making!
Definitely a great album to get.

Best tracks:

I’d give Salad Days 8/10.
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