Mark Lowe, H. de Heutz, Réservoir, Michael Caffery @ Club Saw [September 4, 2015]

On September 4th, I went to do Club Saw for an evening of experimental music ranging from rock to loud to electronica dance music.
It was the after party for Coalesce Performance Art Festival that took place over the weekend.
Performing at the after party were Mark Lowe, H. de Heutz, Réservoir, Michael Caffery, Simon Schlesinger and DJ Lakes District.

H. de Heutz @ Club Saw
H. de Huetz performing at Club Saw for Coalesce Festival.
Mark Lowe @ Club Saw
Mark Lowe from Montreal ended the show with his crazy experimental loud music in the few minutes which probably scared alot of people and later becoming a dance witch-house set.

Simon Schlesinger @ Club Saw
Simon Schlesinger from Toronto and runs the 8-Eleven Gallery in Toronto. Performed a experimental noise fusing in spoken word.

Click below for more photos.

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