Martha Wainwright @ Sonic Boom [CMW 2012]

After the Young Lions Music Club/Live at Bellwoods sessions at The Toronto Institute For The Enjoyment Music.
Headed up to the newly located Sonic Boom for their CMW 2012 sessions.
From March 22 to 24 they had some artist play a free show at their store for CMW.
I have to say the new location is very big from it’s previous spot.
But there is no downstairs area.
I was there to see Martha Wainwright perform.
Sad to miss out The Balconies, JF Robitaille and Grey Kingdom before.
It’s been awhile since I last heard from her, mostly due to being a mother.
Martha performed alot of new material on a upcoming album.
I was surprised she played “Four Black Sheep in the Night” which was from the “Great Canadian Song Quest” a few years ago.
Kind of funny how she called it “The Black Sheep Lodge”.
A really nice set she put on (Gotta love how she does her kicks).
Martha Wainwright @ Sonic Boom

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