Mauno, Jo Passed and Antonioni @ Barboza

I am in Seattle at the moment since I am going to be attending Capitol Hill Block Party.
I got to the city very early and noticed that Mauno was playing on a Wednesday night at Barboza.
This is a first time checking out a show in Seattle.
First band to perform was Seattle’s Antonioni.
Playing a great indie alternative pop rock set. Materials from
The Odds Were All Beating Me. 7/10.
Second was Jo Passed, this time it was a solo set which was a surprise.
Different spin since it was just noisy guitar pop set.
There was some keyboards too. 8/10.
Then it was Mauno‘s turn.
So I got a preview of what to expect from their upcoming album Really Well.
With it’s loud indie pop rock set which was great to hear in a Seattle setting.
Nice to see how the two members fit right in, one being Jeff Kingsbury from Pony Girl and Mal/aime.
It was a nice Wednesday for some live music. 8/10.
Check out the photos.

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