Mav Karlo – Dig a Hole [Music Video]

The times I’ve been to Toronto, I always liked to go inside Honest Ed’s.
The big landmark discount store which held precedence on Bloor St and Bathurst with it’s bright lights outside, its musky store smell inside and on the walls old photos from films and theatres performances from the yesteryears.
Now it is gone and being replaced with condos (So tragic and sad!).
Anyways, Mav Karlo dropped the second single called Dig a Hole which is in theme with the lost of Honest Ed’s.
The track is taken from the debut album Strangers Like Us which comes out on October 16, 2020 via Royal Mountain Records.
Take a trip down memory with this music video!

About the song:
“Dig A Hole,” which unearths a bit of his family history involving the beloved Toronto landmark Honest Ed’s, a fantastically gaudy discount store recently torn down for the construction of condos.
“When my dad was a teenager he lost his mom and went through a rough patch where it seemed like he was headed for jail, or worse,” says Versteeg.
“During that time he got caught stealing at Honest Ed’s, but Honest Ed just gave him a stern talking-to and let him go.
I’ve always wondered how his life might’ve taken a turn if it hadn’t worked out that way—if I’d even be here now if he’d ended up going to jail.”
With its breezy rhythms and lilting harmonies, “Dig a Hole” casts that speculation in a mostly bright light, an element brilliantly amplified by Versteeg’s slipshod romanticism (sample lyric: “Meet me tonight by that pile of dirt/We’ll hold hands and we’ll count shooting stars/And the past, it won’t matter/And the truth, it won’t hurt”).

Dig a Hole gets:

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