maxime. – Mile End (Kiss Ur Friends) – EP [Streaming]

Today the Montreal-based formerly from Ottawa musician maxime. dropped the EP called Mile End (Kiss Ur Friends).
Unique lo-fi bedroom pop and dance music.

About the EP by maxime.
The progressive, experimental medley captures maxime.’s DIY spirit, featuring him as the sole writer, producer, performer and engineer.
Listeners are lured further into maxime.’s sonic universe with each track, an entrancing experience filled with woozy synths, grungy, distorted guitar lines, and the electronic quirkiness that put the breakthrough act on the map.

His addictive pop melodies flow effortlessly, taking form as an honest reflection of the highs and lows of maxime.’s last few years: a time which saw him leave his home city of Ottawa and move to the vibrant, culture-infused neighborhood of Mile End in Montreal.

Each track is a different page pulled from maxime.’s diary, recalling tales of childhood memories, broken relationships, and personal growth.

Each EP track evokes a different feeling, and further attests to maxime.’s ability to create a sonic world that is unique to his artistry.
mile end (kiss ur friends) consists of fan favorite singles and title track “mile end,” an ode to his happy place, “vacation,” an innovative offering recounting the end of a relationship-gone-bad, “mint condition (good as new),” a hard-hitting track tinged with hyper-pop elements, and lastly “cherry stems,”which sees him flex his creative versatility while capturing a darker feel.

The EP is made complete with intoxicating focus track “wedgie,” and its complementary outro turned full-length track “demo.”

Mile End (Kiss Ur Friends) – EP gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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