Megaphono 2016 [Day 4]

Here’s what happened on the second day of Megaphono 2016.

Her Harbour @ Megaphono 2016
Her Harbour performed a wonderful two song set at the Secret Mill Tour Sound Experience.

Megaphono 2016: All About UK
Megaphono panel: All About UK. The panelist were Nigel Adams from Full Time Hobby, Mar Sellars from the Cavern, Anika Mottershaw from Bella Union and moderated by Evening Hymns Jonas Bonnetta.
Megaphono 2016: The Publishing Session
Megaphono panel: The Publishing Session
Isaac Vallentin @ Megaphono 2016
Isaac Vallentin performing at the Secret Mill Tour Sound Experience.
Valois @ Megaphono 2016
Valois perfroming at Zibi Welcome Centre.
Yao @ Megaphono 2016
Yao performing at Zibi Welcome Centre.
Jack Pine @ Megaphono 2016
Jack Pine performing at the Bridgehead Roastery.
Chris Page @ Megaphono 2016
Chris Page performing at the Bridgehead Roastery.
Pony Girl @ Megaphono 2016
Pony Girl performing at Le Gainsbourg.
Saxsyndrum @ Megaphono 2016
Saxsyndrum performing at Le Gainsbourg.
Michael Rault @ Megaphono 2016
Michael Rault performing at Axenéo-7.
Darlene Shrugg @ Megaphono 2016
Darlene Shrugg performing at Axenéo-7.
Scattered Clouds @ Megaphono 2016
Scattered Clouds performing at Axenéo-7.
New Swears @ Megaphono 2016
New Swears performing at Axenéo-7.
After four endless days of fun and excitement, this was so far the best Megaphono!
Some of the delegates I got to chat had a great impression about Ottawa with the culture and scene.
Now I need to get some much needed rest!

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