Megaphono 2016

In a couple of weeks, Megaphono 2016 will take place on Febraury 2-5 with great musicians and band performing at various venues all over Ottawa.
For more information of who is performing, click here.


  1. Nick Bachusky

    Hey Ming!

    Great show this week as always. I am excited to see New Swears and Scattered Clouds and Danielle Allard.

    I would say to them to not go smoke outside without a jacket and a tuque… It is damn cold outside….

  2. Jared Davidson

    I’m excited to the New Swears, Heavy Bedroom and Pony Girl.

    To the delegates, I’d tell them to jump into the culture here as much as possible, and take some of it back with them.

  3. Alan

    I’m excited to see Mike Feuerstack play at 5:45pm (what), and I’d tell him to come back to Ottawa more often than he already does and play more shows in weird places at weird times.

  4. Henry Assad

    Hey! I’m excited to see The Visit and Tade 🙂 And if I were to bump into the delegates…. I’d tell them that they can be the heroes Ottawa deserves, but not the heroes we deserve. I’d also tell them about our rad musicians.

  5. TJ

    Hey there!

    I’m excited to see Boyhood in addition to a number of artists that I’ve yet to become familiar with!

    If I were to bump into the delegates, I’d say that though ottawa gets a bad rap, it’s truly got a lot of cool things going on in terms of art, music and culture, and that they should be sure to take it all in.

  6. Natasha

    I am most excited to see Jessica Hopper! I loved her book. And I always read her in Punk Planet. 🙂

  7. Tierra Gordon

    I’m excited to see the Peptides, they always put on a awesome show.

    I would tell the delegates to try to see as much different things as possible. Ottawa has such diverse culture.

  8. Ryan

    I’m excited to hear old faves like Chris Page and really excited to hear St Clare live for the first time!

    New delegates get to see how fun Ottawa is first-hand, not just read about it in MacLean’s.

  9. Meghan

    I can’t wait to see FIver! Oh man. I’d tell everyone about all of the brilliant coffee joints that we have in Ottawa.

  10. Alexis

    I am excited to see Pipahauntas, Emile & Ogden, and THE ACORN.

    I’d tell the delegates to try all our local breweries

  11. McKinley

    I am looking forward to seeing The Acorn.

    I would definitely tell a delegate to look underneath rocks, up in treetops, and within the frozen icy canal, because that’s where the greatest music can sometimes be found in this city.

  12. Alison

    Super excited to see the Acorn and Silkken – they just keep getting better and better.

    I’d invite them to go skating on the canal, it will be open soon!

  13. Brian

    I am most excited to see Valois because they are a pretty dope band. Also New Swears and Pony Girl because they do the music very fun, like an episode Wok With Yan.

    If I see one of them delegates the reality of the situation would be that I probably wouldn’t really interact with them, unless they smoke. If they smoke we’d have a nice riveting conversation of the virtues of smoking and how amazing kung fury was because that shit is tight as fuck. At some point I may be down or shawarmas because Ottawa.

  14. Dan

    I’m most interested in seeing “Noisy Locomotive”. Love the country/bluegrass.

    If I bumped into one of the delegates I’d tell them there are tons of great places in Ottawa for bands to play and would encourage them to promote Ottawa as a “go to” music city.

  15. Yulia

    hey hello.

    so excited to see pony girl and ice cream (such a girly pick lol). frayd is also great, I’d love to hear him live.

    if I see one of the delegates, I’ll definitely tell them that Ottawa is cooool and there are lots of great shows taking part in the city where they can play <3

  16. Greg

    can’t wait to see New Swears, Pony Girl and Silkken!

    I would tell the delegates to stay indoors or bring their skates! (esp at US Girls / New Swears)

  17. Canda

    Good hello!
    I’m psyched to see to extrodinairy artists: Cherie and Amanda Lowe.
    If I ran into a delegate I’d definitely tell them all about the near by trails for hiking and snowshoeing. Tell them how beautiful the area can be in all seasons.

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