Megaphono 2018 [Day 2]

After a wonderful first night of Megaphono 2018.
Here’s what happened on the second day of the festival.
Began my day with some panels/conferences.
The first one was “Coming to America: How to Get a P2 Visa.
Presented by Liana White of Canadian Federation of Musicians.
Megaphono 2018
The second one was Funding for Black, Indigenous and Racialized Artists.
Moderated by Adella Rose Khan of Ottawabeat
Panelists there was Maya Bedward of Ontario Arts Council (Toronto, ON), Noël Habel of Canada Council for the Arts (Ottawa, ON) and Tia Gordon of FACTOR (Toronto, ON)
Megaphono 2018
The third one was Getting A Foot In The Door: Trends IN Synch Licensing and Publishing.
Moderatored by Helen Spitzer (Toronto, ON)
Panelists was Brontë Martin of Third Side Music (Montréal, QC), Kim Temple of Six Shooter Publishing (Toronto, ON), Natalie Neri of Instinct Entertainment (Toronto, ON) and Sarah Smith of Bank Robber Music / Rough Trade Publishing (Los Angeles, USA)
Megaphono 2018
The fourth one was Social Distortion: Getting Your Band’s Online Presence Right.
Moderator by Helen Spitzer (Toronto, ON)
The panelists were Amber Carew of Saddle Creek Records (Los Angeles, USA), Andy Hseuh of Partisan Records (Brooklyn, USA), Nick Duncan of Sub Pop Records (Seattle, WA) and Tadia Musgrave of ANTI- Records (Los Angeles, USA)
Megaphono 2018
The fifth one was Team Building Exercise: Finding *And Keeping* Your Music Fam
Moderated by Kreative Control‘s Vish Khanna.
The panelists was Rhyna Thompson of Envision Management & Production (Montréal, QC), Grant Paley of Paquin Artists Agency (Toronto, ON), Esra Firatli of Sleepless Records / The Hand Recordings (Toronto, ON), Byron Pascoe of Edwards PC Creative Law (Ottawa, ON), Gourmet Délice of Bonsound (Montréal, QC) and Nick Everett of Mauno (Halifax, NS)
Megaphono 2018
Over at the National Arts Centre.
The last panel was called Indigenous Trailblazers: Carving Paths Through Tradition
Co-presented by CBC Unreserved and NAC Presents.
Hosted and moderated by CBC Unreserved’s Rosanna Deerchild
Panelist includes Alanis Obomsawin (Montréal, QC), Cody Coyote (Ottawa, ON), Dr. Duke Redbird (Toronto, ON), Jeremy Dutcher (Toronto, ON), Leanne Betasamosake Simpson (Peterborough, ON), Leland Bell (Manitoulin Island, ON), Melody McKiver (Sioux Lookout / Ottawa, ON) and Willy Mitchell (Mistissini, QC)
The first show of the night was at the salon area of National Arts Centre.
A wonderful performance by Melody McKiver and Jeremy Dutcher.
Melody McKiver @ Megaphono 2018
Jeremy Dutcher @ Megaphono 2018
It was like listening to Jean-Michel Blais, Ryuichi Sakamoto but with lyrics.
Jeremy Dutcher @ Megaphono 2018
Caught the first hour of Collaborative Native North America Gathering.
Heard from people who were there, during half-way Rosanna got the news from the verdict of Colton Boushie murder trial. That Gerald Stanley was found not guilty and there was shock from the audience.
It was definitely a heavy and emotional concert.
Native North America Gathering @ Megaphono 2018
Native North America Gathering @ Megaphono 2018
Native North America Gathering @ Megaphono 2018
Over at the NAC 4th Stage was Trails, Luka and Keturah Johnson.
Wonderful set of seeing two great Ottawa and a Toronto singer/songwriter musicians.
Keturah Johnson @ Megaphono 2018
Luka @ Megaphono 2018
Trails @ Megaphono 2018
Then went to House of Targ and caught parts of Sunshine and the Moon, Expanda Fuzz and Michael Rault.
Sunshine and the Blue Moon @ Megaphono 2018
Expanda Fuzz @ Megaphono 2018
Expanda Fuzz @ Megaphono 2018
Michael Rault @ Megaphono 2018
Next door at Black Squirrel Books I caught the last song of Gianna Lauren and Nick Ferrio.
Gianna Lauren @ Megaphono 2018
Nick Ferrio @ Megaphono 2018
Ended the night at The 27 Club and saw an awesome set by Tasha the Amazon!
Tasha The Amazon @ Megaphono 2018

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