Megaphono 2018 [Day 3]

On the last day of Megaphono 2018.
Started off the day by attending this panel at General Assembly.
It was Lido Pimienta Presents: Get Your Coin, Girl!
A real no holds bar panel about Lido’s experience in the music business through the dramatic ups & downs she had to deal with.
Also the tools and experiences gathered as an independent artist and boss over the last 10 years when she decided to no longer work for anybody else but herself and how she has succeeded in doing so.
Lido Pimienta Presents: Get Your Coin! @ Megaphono 2018
Over at the Record Centre, band performing: Little You Little Me, Area Resident and Mushy Gushy
Little You Little Me @ Megaphono 2018
Area Resident @ Megaphono 2018
Mushy Gushy @ Megaphono 2018
There was a kids show at The Elmdale Tavern with Jeremy Fisher Junior (He was doing a kids show) and Hey Buster.
Jeremy Fisher Junior @ Megaphono 2018
The afternoon show I was most excited to see was at General Assembly.
Playing were Foonyap, Special Costello and mal/aimé.
At the end of the show there was an impromptu jam session with Foonyap, Yolande of mal/aimé and Nick of Special Costello/Century Egg.
Megaphono 2018

Stopped by Bar Robo and caught Hua Li 化力 performing!
Megaphono 2018
The church show was my favorites.
First time seeing Helena Deland.
Boyhood for the billionth time.
Headlining was Mauno!
Megaphono 2018
Megaphono 2018
Megaphono 2018
Ended the night at the Bourbon Room with Sydanie, Silla + Rise both first timers!
Headlining and giving a powerful and emotional show was Lido Pimienta.
Megaphono 2018
Lido Pimienta @ Megaphono 2018

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