Metric – Fantasies (Review)

Finally the long awaited album Metric is out for the public.
Came out on March 31, 2009 on iTunes, way ahead of schedule.
The physical release will be April 7, 2009.
Its been about four years since they released Live It Out.
During the four years, Miss Emily Haines released a solo record which is different.
Mostly at their live shows, mostly sang one or two songs.

Fantasies has more a indie rock/pop feel to it.
I feel like its missing the whole new wave rock sound from their debut album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
At least there are two tracks that still has that Metric pop new wave sound IE one being Gimme Sympathy.
But doesn’t matter, just glad they have a new album out for everyone to enjoy.

The beginning track is the leading single Help I’m Alive, which I prefer the album than the radio edit that CBC Radio 3 plays.
Sick Muse has that high energy.
In Satellite Mind,  Emily drops the F-Bomb alot (If it is the f-word I hear).
Mellow tracks in Collect Call and Blindness.

Lyrically is great and easy to sing.

Its a great album that every Metric fan will love.
Will this album get them the success in the USA?
Since Front Row was played on a episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Sort of good to get some exposure but you could not hear the song very well because they made the song so low to hear while the characters were talking during a scene.)
Time will tell.

Best tracks:

  • Help I’m Alive
  • Satellite Mind
  • Gimme Sympathy
  • Front Row
  • Blindness
  • Stadium Love


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