Mexican Slang – Inside The Velvet Castle (EP) [Review]

I will say it again!
Buzz Records is definitely the “it” label for 2014.
They seem to get up and new acts in and around the Toronto music scene.

Now this is a band I totally missed out at NXNE 2014 which was Mexican Slang.
They are a trio consisting of:
Annabelle Lee – Guitar/Vocals
Jimmy Tony – Bass Guitar
Denholm Whale – Drums
Here is a quote from Spin:
“catchy pop disguised as psych-punk, heavy doses of fuzz and sinister vocals included,” while the second half offers “laid-back, psych-rock that’s perfectly created for a rainy day of reflection and cigarettes.”

I was completely blown away when listening to their EP Inside the Velvet Castle.
Completely catchy with it’s lo-fi fuzzy and sludgy style of pop psych-punk music.
This being their EP, I really want to hear more from them.
Let’s hoping to something good comes out during the fall time.
A perfect time for the summer music listening!
Check them out!!
Listen to:

  • Blisters
  • Pink Fog
  • L’Appel Du Vide
  • Halycon

RIYL: HSY, Boyhood and Roberta Bondar.
I’d give this EP 10/10 (That is saying a lot!)


  1. mailbox_don

    Lolz 10/10? This is one of the most overly hyped bands i’ve come across lately, boring music for boring people.

  2. Post
    Ming Wu

    Well excuse me Samantha Murphy!
    Keep your negative comments away please!
    If you don’t like it then don’t say anything or make your own site. 😛

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