Michaela Bekenn – The Earth Has Music [Music Video]

Toronto musician Michaela Bekenn dropped the music video for The Earth Has Music.
Beautiful and emotional indie folk-country pop tune that has that autumn vibe.

About the song:
A song that was born from a life-altering moment when her father fell from a roof and nearly injuring his spine.
This was a flash in time that viscerally woke her up to the impermanence and preciousness of life, and its essence of uncertainty.
A vital part of both her father and healing processes was long walks, tuning into the songs of the winds, birds, and trees.

She was seeking answers externally as to why this accident occurred, and yet she was always guided back to herself.
When life felt heavy, she turned to the music of the Earth to soothe the noise inside her head.
This song was delivered to her through meditative moments among the old growth trees and vast escarpment of Niagara.
The mood of this song and video is directly connected to the changing of the seasons, both literally and figuratively.
There is an energetic shift that takes place at the cusp of summer and the beginning of autumn, as the light wanes and the natural world prepares for rest.
“The Earth Has Music” has been alive for many years now and is ready to be released from its roots, just as the autumn leaves let go when the time is right.

The Earth Has Music gets:

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