Michael Scott Dawson – All The Things This Isn’t [Music Video]

A song that was premiered on my favourite radio show on KEXP called Pacific Notions which the show features music that is instrumental, ambient, classical, modern classical and experimental.
Today, Library Voices member and sound artist Michael Scott Dawson just announced his debut solo album called “Nowhere, Middle of” which comes out on October 16, 2020 via Toronto’s We Are Busy Bodies.
The leading single from the album is called All The Things This Isn’t.
Nice relaxing track to listen to.

About the song:
Opening single “All The Things This Isn’t” begins with gentle, dulcet, tape-warmed swells of synth and fluttering, non-rhythmic percussive sounds before sparse single notes of guitar begin to echo through the vista.

The accompanying video marries imagery of Saskatchewan’s wide-open natural beauty: sunsets over empty fields, freight trains passing through a quiet horizon, the rising of dawn over lonely telegraph poles.

All The Things This Isn’t gets:

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