Ming Break at The Blacksheep Inn on March 25, 2016

Mark down on your calendar for March 25, 2016.
It is Ming Break happening at the Blacksheep Inn.
Kick off Easter weekend by celebrating Ming Break! Get your beach balls, your zinc, your sun glass straps and venture on up to Wakefield on the party bus!
Cheap coolers! 50/50 draw! BBQ!
Prizes for best SPRING BREAK costume (including Bluesfest tickets).
Performing at the show will be:

Want to win a pair of tickets + bus ride to the event?
All you have to do is comment with your name and email.
Post on what you will be wearing to the event?
One lucky winner will get to party up at the Blacksheep Inn
Contest ends on March 22nd
Good luck!

Thank you Jackpine (IE Becky + Liam + staff) for making the poster and some ideas.


  1. Barb

    I will wear a sequinned South-beach/Richard Simmons inspired rollerblading outfit with knee socks, short-shorts and a line of 50spf on my nose. I will give the tickets to people who have never seen these bands before #ilovemingbreak!

  2. AL

    I’ll swags some old-school spring break Danny Tanner normcore all night long.

    I’ve never seen the performers! It’ll be fun. I’ll take suggestions and wear whatever you want me to wear. My companion for the evening will also have to submit to such frivolity.

    We’ll wear sand in all the right places!

  3. Kalyn

    Can’t wait! As I’ll be coming back from vacation, I’ll be wearing my 100% authentic sunburn and maybe something hideous, neon, and emblazoned with a tacky beach logo.

  4. Quin

    Short shorts, tank, flip flops, zinc oxide. Possible bootleg Slack Bridges cap. Or maybe a full piece bikini.

    So caught up!!!

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