Mohawk Lodge @ Cafe Dekcuf

On November 20th I went to Cafe Dekcuf.
Three acts were playing and its theme was mostly male solo singers.
Well make that two and half since Mohawk Lodge did had a backing band.
Also playing was Male Nurse and Chris Page.
I was kind of under the weather that night.
Overall it was a nice show.
Male Nurse was interesting to see live as always.

Chris Page who was nominated for Best New Artist by Ottawa Xpress’s Best Of 2009 Poll. He put on a really great acoustic set.
I am beginning to like his stuff now.

Mohawk Lodge totally rocked out the set and previewed some new tracks on the upcoming album.
He had three members of Poorfolk back him up.
Rocking crazy set the Mohawk Lodge put on.

Overall it was a great time being sick and all.
With a mix of acoustic rock and loud rock which was enjoyable.
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