Monako – Killing Feels feat. Bibi Club [Music Video]

Today the German-Canadian alternative pop collective Monako dropped the music video for “Killing Feels” which features Bibi Club.
The second single is taken off their upcoming EP called In Shapes I-III which comes out on April 13, 2022 via [PIAS] Recordings Germany.
A cool moody dreamy alterna-pop folk tune.

About the track:
“Killing Feels” feat. Montreal based Bibi Club draws an arc to Monako’s origins. Singer Sadek Martin-Massarweh and founding member Naomie De Lorimier were born and raised in the Canadian metropole and have been friends with Bibi Club’s members Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque for years. With Monako’s “In Shapes I-III” project in was time to revive this cross-globe partnership and work on a song together.

“Killing Feels” is an alternative pop-folk piece that manages to sound as vulnerable as it sounds bold while maintaining a melancholia that has a cinematic feel to it: “I want it all” – the line that carries those epic sonic moments during the chorus is contrasted by the intimate verses that contemplate about giving up at last: “no there’s nowhere you can go with your legs covered in snow”. Bibi Club’s subtle guitars and soothing vocals add smooth textures to the song while Monako once again showcase how versatile and detail oriented they produce their pieces, always unfolding a journey rather than going for symmetrical compositions that wouldn’t challenge the listener.

The accompanying music video was directed by fellow Canadian videographer and friend Adrian Villagomez who realized creative directress Elif Kücük’s vision and caught the cinematic sound of “Killing Feels” while literally embodying its intimacy through physically entangled humans.

“Maybe I’ll walk away, no one knows how to fight these plain white fields“ – this line, that I wrote a few years ago when I first learned how fundamentally hopeless grief could feel, sums up the what killing feels is about: Contemplating on giving up at last, when all the high hopes and aspirations I had for myself were covered by an overpowering emptiness, that felt too heavy to stem. I wanted to experience all that life could offer: the love, the joy, the curiosity and its bliss, I knew it was there in front of me, but these snow covered plain white fields were hiding it. What if I just walked away?” – Sadek Martin-Massarweh

“It’s probably the most folky Song we recorded to this day interwoven with some experimental songwriting techniques and sounds we were working with over the last year. It perfectly represents the deep dive into Sadek’s emotional past that will always be a part of him and therefore crucial to our band and friendship today.” – Monako

Killing Feels gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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